Tuesday 30 April 2024

Zoom out on life

When the breath feels heavy and the day seems dense, zoom out on life; 

When the flight is solo and the heart is hollow, zoom out on life.

Beauty is in the big picture, victory in those valorous scars;

Darkest hours are also when brightest shine the stars.

We break a little every day, we build a little too;

We drown a little every day, we swim a little too.

When doubt shrouds faith and the soul sinks in despair;

Smile into the mirror and say this too I shall repair. 

Not all chapters can be grey, not all memories sour;

Sweet feels the bud today, bitter the wilting flower.

It's but one life to love and live, one chance to fight it all;

How do we rise and piece together, if never we fumble and fall. 

When the clouds gather and the storm brews strong, zoom out on life;

When dreams lie shattered and hopes look scattered, zoom out on life


PS: And with this it's a wrap. Thank you all my fellow bloggers for the visits, the exchange of thoughts and the words of encouragement. I managed to stay afloat all through April :)      


  1. As they say in the Mazda commercials 'Zoom! Zoom!' and thank you for sharing your thoughts during the A to Z.

    1. Hi Cairns. Sure that's one peppy commercial.
      The A-Z was one helluva experience. But looking back, I enjoyed every bit of it. Glad to have connected on this forum.


  2. Phew, can you believe it's done? I think it would be really hard to just post random thoughts/happenings/stuff daily. You did great - congratulations!

    1. Thank you, Donna. There were days I almost gave up. But looking back, it was all worth it.

  3. Poetry is difficult, but you nailed this poem.

    1. Hi Debi. Thank you so much. So glad you liked it.

  4. This is so good Arpita! Deep and profound.. Loved it

  5. Congratulations on finishing the challenge